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Inspired by the Temple of Lord Jagannath, Puri, which is the epicenter of Sattvic food and has the largest Sattvic kitchen in the world, Sattvam proudly presents the largest vegetarian buffet counter in the city- with more than 70 items in soups, shorbas and starters, salads, breads, rice, main courses with accompaniments and desserts in North Indian, South Indian & world cuisines adapted to the Sattvic style of cooking spread across the buffet.

Sattvam presents you with sattvic food, which goes beyond vegetarianism and awakens the soul to its original purpose. Going back to traditions the chef adityafatepuria has developed a unique karma-free, sattvic menu for you. This wholesome vegetarian cuisine is made from fresh vegetables and prepared according to the tenets of sattvic cooking.

Offering more than 75 items in soups, shorbas and starters, salads, breads, rice, main courses with accompaniments and desserts in Indian and adapted world cuisines. What makes the food here so unique and pleasurable is that all dishes are prepared and consumed on a continuous basis. Leftover food is never served. Hence Sattvic foods have a very low probability of forming ‘Ama’, or toxic build up in the body. Probably that is why the restaurant decided not to depend on outsourced vendors and set up it’s own on- premise confectionery.

Many of it’s eggless signature creations are featured daily on the buffet spread and may include Baked Yoghurt, Spinach rolls, Fruit SondeshBrulee, Lemon tarts, Olive Focaccia, Chocolate almond tarts, GulabJamun cheese cake and even sugar- free desserts. Live counters feature specialities which change everyday. A special children’s section is set at a low elevation with a range of mildly spiced scaled down servings including continental preparations. A Chaat station will cater to your desire of ‘chatpata’ khana. A seating capacity of 140 buffetspaces can accommodate large groups and families.

Additionally they have a private dining space for exclusive and curated banquets. Attractively priced at 395 for weekdays and 495 on weekends, you can avail of their buffet offers for both lunch and dinner. Their food is compatible with Jain proscriptions.

Soups & Shorbas

Tamatar Tulsi Shorba

Hot and Tangy tomato, basil soup

Lemongrass Rasam

Spicy rasam with a twisty lemon grass flavour

Adrak Mirchi aur Kimchi

Sattvik style hot and sour soup

Suneheri Makai ka Shorba

Indian style sweet and spicy soup of burnt golden corn



Sattvik Paneer Tikka

The all time favourate, creamy paneer tikka with a sattvik twist

Kesar Malai Tikka

Skewer Cooked Soft cottage cheese cubes coated with marinade of hung curd, basil, saffron and spices

Awadhi Moti

Tikkis of Bengal gram and mustard Greens, golden fried

Arbi aur gulaab ki seekh

Colocasia and rose leaf mixture with select spices and seasonings, skewer cooked on indian clay oven

Shikampuri Aloo

Scooped potatoes stuffed with a mildly spiced mixture of finely chopped a assorted vegetables and nuts, smoked golden brown on charcoal

Sarsonwali Hari Gobhi

Broccoli florets coated with ground mustard, spices and creamcheese, served with cucumis dip.

Kurmuri Jalebi Chaat

crispy savoury spiral fritters prepared truly lucknowi style

Khatti Meethi Tokri

Mini crispy canopes prepared chaat style, topped with authentic lucknowi relishes


Haribhari Paneer Taktaki

spirals of paneer and green peas, in a creamy yoghurt coating

Paneer Anardane ka Tikka

Cottage cheese cubes marinated with pomogrenate, chopped corriander and select spices, chargilled to smokey perfection

Chatpati Keshar Badam Tikki

Veggie chhena tikkis coated with saffron and almond mixture, golden fried, served with indian gooseberry dip.

Hari gobhi aur chole ki tikki

golden fried chikpea and broccoli falafels served with yoghurt tahini and tabouleh

Babycorn aur neembu ke patte ki gilafi

skewers of chopped babycorn and citric leafy mixture coated with aromatic hung curd and chargrilled

Singhada pepper fry (Seasonal)

Water chestnuts golden fried and tossed in indian style with crushed pepper corns


Main Course

Paneer Pyari Patti

Paneer butter masala with a twist of aromatic dill leaves

Teen Mirch do Paneer

Creamy bean curd, cottage cheese and assorted bell peppers in select freshly ground spices with a smoakey feel.

Dahiya paneer tikaria

Chargrilled creamy chunks of yoghurt marinated paneer in smooth yellow gravy

Angrezi sabzi desi tadka

Assorted english vegetables in smooth and spicy brown gravy

Panchmele ka Saag

Name says it all, truly sattvik, truly indian, mixed veggies cooked vedic style

Subz Malfati

skewer cooked kebabs of select vegetables and leafy greens napoured with tangy tomato gravy

Hare Moti Malai

Mini koftas of cottage cheese and leafy greens in light and creamy shahi gravy

Baby Corn Chaar Malai

Babycorn julliennes in four different flavours, marbel’ed togather

Khoya mirchi jodhpuri

Seasoned milk solids stuffed in fresh indian jalapenos, grilled and served with spiced tomato relish

Khatte Teekhe Batate

Baby potatoes tossed in tangy tamarind pulp, fresh ground spices and curry leaves


Indian Breads


Whole wheat flour bread, served soft or crispy, plain or buttered


This famous bread from the kitchens of greater india goes well with all indian curries, served plain or buttered

Cheese jalapeno Naan

As the name says, it’s a naan with a fusion stuffing due to its wide acceptance world wide


Thick and spongy flat bread, served plain or buttered

Masala Kulcha

Kulchas stuffed with minced veggie mixture

Saufiani Kulcha

Kulcha napoured with small roasted fennel, coarsly ground nuts and saffron, baked crispy brown

Chhena Paratha

Tandoor baked whole wheat bread stuffed with a mixture of grated paneer and red bell pepper


Traditional layered whole wheat bread with a ginger basil seasoning


Signature Dishes

Amritras ke kofte

Cottage cheese balls stuffed with spicy green peas masala napoured with a mild gravy of dried pomogrenate and ground corriander

Chhote samose ki sabzi

mini samosas stuffed with greens napoured with vedic style “besan” gravy

Aloo Gobhi al’ anglaise

Tender potatoes and cherry tomatoes with well accepted broccoli florets tossed in fennel

Aloo Kamrakh peeli mirch

Baby potatoes tossed with star fruit and yellow chili powder, a dry preperation filled with newness of ingredients

Gwar Patha Panchphoran

Healthy aloe vera with fresh gound spices and crispy greens

Gatta Palak gol mirch

Red hot peppers, spinach and rajasthani favourate gattas make this unusual homely combination



Steamed Basmati

Jeera Tulsi Puao

The favourate jeera rice with a touch of basil

Methi Mangodi Pulao

A rajasthani delicacy served with Kadhi

Sattvik Biriyani

Aromatic, mildly spiced vegetable biriyani

Vetralai kaikari saatham

Biriyani with a twist of betel leaf and select masalas

Bean Khichdi

Vedic style rice preperation with healty beans and pulses




Roasted or Fried

Masala Papad Roll

tangy indian salad in cone shaped papad rolls

Garden Salad

Choice of assorted greens


Cucumber / corn / boondi / anardana


Desserts & Mithai

Fruit Sondesh Brulee

Layers of creamy smooth chhena, assorted fruits and condensed milk, served hot with a golden upper crust

Keshariya mini malai ghewar

A royal rajasthani fried sponge cake topped with condensed milk, saffron and nuts

Radha-Raman Rabdi

A lychee-Mango and condensed milk dessert served with fried-sweetened slices of bread

Panchamrit Kulfi

Our in-house specialty, a must try never miss combination

Orange flan with roasted pistachio

classical crme caramel with a hint of orange, and roasted pistachio garnish

Chocolate rissotto

dollop of creamy, silky chocolate pudding served with cherry coulis



Aerated Beverages

Served on the rocks with can by the side

Fresh Lime

fresh lime juice, sweet or salted, served with water or fizz

Keshar Tulsi ki Shikanji

Aromatic saffron and basil flavoured lemonade

Orange Imlana

Our signature preperation of Orange juice, tangy tamarind pulp and seasonings

Elaneer Paanam

Chilled coconut water with lemon n mint

Lychee-berry cream

Chefs special, lychee-strawberry-cranberry, smoothy


The classic fruit punch with a novel twist



What We Offer

Fresh Ingredients

Only the freshest and meticulously chosen ingredients go into the creating of the fine delicacies Sattvam has to offer. Succulent fruits, aromatic spices, crunchy fresh vegetables and a whole lot of dedication is brewed together in creating assortments of wholesome and soulful food.

Neo-classical cuisine

Traditional recipes are twined with bold, global dishes, adding to the unrivalled Sattvam experience. Our chefs at Sattvam aim to create modern innovations while drawing on the strength of India’s ancient and time-tested cuisine, ultimately dishing out delight!

Signature Dishes

Many of Sattvam’s signature creations are featured daily on the buffet spread. These include Baked Yoghurt, Spinach Rolls, Fruit Sondesh Brule, Lemon Tarts, Olive Focaccia, Gulab Jamun cheesecake and even sugar-free desserts, proving that we always have ways to surprise you.

Daily Fresh Menus

Dedicating an effort in presenting more than 75 items in soups, shorbas, starters, salads, breads, main courses with accompaniments and desserts in Indian and adapted world cuisines, we present you creations that are prepared fresh everyday leaving no lack of choice, innovation and freshness.

Sattvam Bakes

As part of Sattvam’s delectable buffet of assorted creations, we offer you a range of baked goods, made freshly to complete an indulgent dining experience. We present to you a delicious range of freshly crafted delights such as cookies, pastries, breads and much more; created specially for you by our in-house, expert chefs. These treats, free from eggs and gelatin, are the perfect friends for your little cravings.

Dining space

The largest vegetarian buffet in the city! Spread over 10,000 sq. ft. on two levels in the up-market and plush Sadashivanagar and JP Nagar areas, Sattvam boasts of a warm and inviting ambience, sure to make your dining experience an unforgettable and delightful one.

Hours of Operation


12:00pm – 3:30pm  7:00pm – 11:00pm

Our Locations

Sadashiv Nagar

J 35, Opposite Shell Petrol Bunk, Sankey Rd, Sadashiva Nagar, Armane Nagar,
Bangalore - 560020
Ph: 080 - 23608000


#138/139, 3rd Floor Adjacent to Metro Wholesale, Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura
Bangalore - 560048
Ph: 063641 50001