EATING OUT Sattvam hopes to reinvent sattvic food for today’s world. Where they score high is in the innovative use of uncommon ingredients

If you can cut through the clutter of standard fare paneer butter masala and kadhai sabzi, you hit something called innovative food. And it’s at a new restaurant in town called Sattvam. It’s the newness of the ingredients that really are the hook, apart from the fact that it’s all fresh food. Leaves of the lemon tree find their way into a gilafi kebab, gravies are made of fruit like pomegranate and guava; star fruit, aloe vera are in your curry.

Sattvam’s partners — Arvind Chowdhary and Chef Aditya Fatepuria — are friends, consumers of sattvic food, and Marwaris with a common cooking tradition back home, which they have amply tapped into. It also helps that they have almost seven years experience in the sattvic food business.

Featured originally in The Hindu

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