Indulge in the delightful Summer Food Festival at Sattvam, the city’s award-winning Sattvic restaurant. On the menu is a range of innovative and delectable dishes prepared using the freshest of seasonal produce.

The 108 item buffet spread bgins with a specialty cold soup – Chilled Cucumber Gazpacho – followed by seasonal starters such as Kacche Kairi ki SeekhMango Paneer Tikka, and Aam Momos (yes, momos made with mangoes) to name a few. The assorted salad counter refreshes you with its Chilled Melon SaladMango Coleslaw, and a host of other fresh salads. For main course, the carefully curated menu promises a tantalising new take on all things summery, especially the mango.

There is the Aam LunjiKairi Pudina Kofta and Tarbuz (watermelon) ki Sabjion the long list of main course dishes from both Indian and international cuisines adapted to the Sattvic style of cooking. Apart from that you can indulge in the live counter of aam ras and puri, which is perfect to cool you down in the summer heat. Top this up with the live pizza and pasta counters and of course, cold chaats.

Featured originally in Times of India

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