Sattvam’s menu transcends the paradigm of ‘temple cuisine’; rather, it’s more avant garde in its achievements. Décor A private lift to the restaurant is surely a good indication. Large glass windows overlook stately trees and illuminate the far end of the restaurant in natural light. Sheer curtains with the symbolic tulsi leaf motif act as discreet dividers and help break up this very large space.

Custom designed upholstery also conveys the same theme. The right side of the restaurant is bedecked with a large buffet of over 70 dishes. Food Sattvam adheres to the philosophy of Sattvic food – freshly prepared without onion, garlic, mushroom, eggs and caffeine. This may not sound unusual to us with our various proscriptions, but it’s a challenging task for the chef to make up for their absence.

There’s no wine or som ras here, but a Kesar Tulsi Shikanji, redolent with saffron and basil, that announces the start of a promising banquet.

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