For most of us, sattvic food has spiritual or religious connotations. And not something we typically associate with gourmet fare or fine dine restaurants. At the heart of it, sattvic food forbids use of onion, garlic, meat and egg-based products – a principle followed by most temple kitchens. The whole idea being that sattvic (pure) food is nourishing, and elevates one’s thinking unlike rajasic (stimulating), and tamasic (base) foods. Celebrating the essence of this form of food, Taj West End recently organised a Sattvik food festival showcasing a slew of dishes made minus onion and garlic but packed with flavour. Throwing some light on sattvic cooking, Sandip Narang, executive chef, Taj West End, says, “The very essence of sattvic khana is pure vegetarian food cooked lightly with little oil and spices, which brings out the flavour of the vegetables to the optimum.

Featured originally in Bangalore Mirror Bureau

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