Sattvam hopes to reinvent sattvic food for today’s world. Where they score high is in the innovative use of uncommon ingredients.

While he drew on personal experience to work with aloe, Chef Aditya Fatepuria of Sattvam, Bangalore, was inspired by its use in sattvic cuisine. “During my research on sattvic food I collected lot of ancient books like “pak kala”, books by Raja Nal and Bheem who were expert cooks. Therein I found a few recipes with aloe vera and learnt about its health benefits.” His experimentation led him to invent his own version of the gwarpatta subji. The traditional dish has been improvised upon with the use of crispy greens like spinach, dill leaves, cluster beans and fenugreek, with panch phoran masalas. The “twist” is made necessary by the typical bitter taste aloe naturally possesses. One way to combat it is to use strongly flavoured herbs (like dill and basil) with it and/or cooking it with vegetables known for their characteristic taste.

Featured originally in Prismma

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