Sattvic food goes beyond vegetarianism and aims to awaken the soul to its original purpose. Chef Aditya Fatepuria of Sattvam has developed a unique karma-free, sattvic menu, which comprises wholesome vegetarian cuisine made from fresh vegetables and prepared according to the tenets of sattvic cooking.

The buffet at Sattvam offers more than 75 items:

soups, shorbas and starters, salads, breads, rice, main courses with accompaniments and desserts in Indian and adapted world cuisines. Many of the restaurant’s eggless signature creations are featured in the buffet spread on a daily basis and may include Baked Yoghurt, Spinach Rolls, Fruit Sondesh Brulee, Lemon Tarts, Olive Focaccia, Chocolate Almond Tarts, Gulab Jamun Cheese Cake and even sugar-free desserts. There is a chaat counter and live counters that feature specialties that change every day. A special children’s section has a range of mildly spiced scaled-down servings and include Continental preparations.

Featured originally in The Times Of India

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